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Unit 8 Contractual & Legal Responsibilities


Unit aim:  This unit is designed for Construction Site Managers, to give them knowledge of contractual and legal responsibilities.

This unit has an Introduction and 3 study sections


We strive to ensure that our Study Units are up-to-date, however Legislation and Forms of Contract are continually changing; which means that some references within the Study Units have yet to be amended.

Please ensure that as far as is possible you make yourself aware of these changes; particularly to those applicable to your area of work in order that you can note and state these changes in your assignment 

Showing that you have noted where Legislation and Forms of Contract have occurred is important aspect of your task response. 


8.1 Contract Law

8.1.1 Basics of a Contract
8.1.2 Construction Industry Standard Forms of Contract
8.1.3 Specific Clauses

8.2.1 Torts
8.2.2 Negligence
8.2.3 Nuisance

8.3.1 Planning and Building Regulations
8.3.2 Conservation and Archaeology
8.3.3 Insurance
8.3.4 Other Legal Requirements

Unit Recommended Reading


Ashworth, A (2012) Contractual Procedures in the Construction Industry 6th edn.; Harlow: Pearson Education.


Books can be ordered from most bookshops or online from Amazon.



Before starting you should read the ‘Study Guide’ accessible from the link on the left. When you have done that return to this page and click on the ‘Introduction’ button above.

When you are working on the unit you will be able to access the sections by clicking on their title above.

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