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 Unit 5 Managing Dimensional Control on Sites

Unit aim:

This unit is designed to meet the needs of construction Site Manager in order to manage the dimensional control on site.

This unit is divided into an Introduction and 3 study sections. In addition you will be required to attend a two day workshop for the practical aspects of the unit. 



Section 1 Obtaining Information

5.1.1 Identify the roles and responsibilities of the contracting parties for dimensional quality control.
5.1.2 Identify the sources of the relevant setting out information
5.1.3 Obtain the relevant setting out information
5.1.4 Identify permanent and temporary benchmarks and setting out points.
5.1.5 Check the setting out points against the setting out information for the works.

Section 2 Establish Lines and Levels

5.2.1 Relate the setting out information to the circumstances of the site.
5.2.2 Set out lines and levels for construction operations.
5.2.3 Determine the lengths of travellers for excavation and concreting.


Section 3 Inaccurate or Missing Information

5.3.1 Check that the setting out information in the contract documents is mutually consistent and consistent with the site dimensions.
5.3.2 Inform any interested parties of any inaccurate or missing setting out information.


Unit Recommended Reading

Foster, G (1989) Construction site studies production, administration and personnel (2nd Ed), Longman; Harlow.

This book is recommended for units 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

Books can be ordered from most bookshops or online from Amazon.


Before starting you should read the ‘Study Guide’ accessible from the link on the left. When you have done that return to this page and click on the ‘Introduction’ button above.

When you are working on the unit you will be able to access the sections by clicking on their title above.

Additional Study Material

You can visit the Constructionsite Learn Resources for additional study material relating to Surveying. If you wish to access this Click Here.

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