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Unit 4 Managing Health, Safety, Welfare & Risk Control within a Construction Site 

The construction Industry has one of the worst records for accidents in the UK. On average one worker is killed each week and many thousands are injured, which results in them being absent from work for more than three days.

This record has led over the years, to the introduction of a raft of health, safety and environmental legislation.  The duties and responsibilities of all people engaged in construction work, have been laid down by Acts of Parliament that cover health, safety and environmental protection.  Those with particular relevance to this unit are identified throughout the text but a more detailed explanation of each can be gained from the references indicated in each section

Managing safety in the workplace is about effectively planning site works and implementing systems that ensure safe and healthy working whilst protecting the environment.  It is about identifying and assessing hazards and risks and introducing measures that eliminate, control and reduce their effects.  It is also about obtaining the information that is needed to plan and operate safely and recognising the need to pass on information and how this is done.

In this unit you will learn the ways that the site manager will implement the measures in order to ensure safety in the work place. We will start by looking at the obligations you will need to be aware of in order to ensure that all people involved with the construction process conform to these. To commence you should click on ‘L4-4.1 Safety Obligations’.


Additional Information

You should relate your responses to any of the tasks set in this unit to the documents listed below; these will provide information about the type and size of the project.



Please Note
All information contained in this study unit was correct at the time of writing but students should not rely on this for any other purpose than for this course as legislation and working practices are constantly changing. Students are advised therefore to continually up-date themselves as to the current legislation prior to relying on it in practice. 




L4-4.1 Safety Obligations


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